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Audi Quattro Coaster

Audi Quattro Coaster AR app

Audi Norway are currently running a TVC to support the launch of their new Quattro model. To further engage their audience, they’ve built a very impressive AR app to run alongside it.

This is one of the best AR executions we’ve seen this year, so we’d recommend you all give it a go. The download link is below.

When viewing the TVC through the in-app camera, the car will smash through your screen and into the room around you, from where you can build the road and begin the experience. The app uses computer vision to recognise the TVC whilst it’s in play.
Leveraging Apple’s ARKit, the app allows users to scan the room around them, build their very own track spanning Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring, and then drive one of four new Audi models around the track in their room. The graphics are great, the extra details such as ‘night mode’ and the ability to explore the interior and exterior of the car in 360 are really well executed.

We built a road around our office and drove the Quattro across desks and notepads, up walls and elevators. Heaps of fun.

You can download the app here, and view the TVC here.