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Merecedes-Benz’s digital billboards can talk with your car keys

In Berlin’s popular subway system, Mercedes-Benz devised a way to engage commuters who all had something in common. Based on the insight that many commuters drive to the city from the suburbs, park their car, and then use the subway to get around, Mercedes-Benz ‘Key To Viano’ campaign lets them use the car keys in their pocket to control the digital billboards on the walls of the subway.

The billboards feature an video of the Viano people mover prompting passersby to click their car key in their vicinity. The doors of the Viano open up and groups of unexpected guests, such as bodybuilders, sumos, dance squads and robots pile out, showcasing the vehicle’s passenger capacity.

Some lucky commuters were rewarded with an empty vehicle and a driver, inviting them on an exclusive VIP trip around the city.