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This AI transfers your facial and body movements to a portrait in real time

Researchers have developed a pretty eerie AI system that transfers torso and head motion, face expression and eye gaze to a separate 3D portrait in real time.

Think of it like the Animoji tech, but with the massive added benefit of head and torso movement. As TheNextWeb pointed out, conversations using Animoji or Bitmoji can be little unusual because they lose a lot of the subtle body language cues we rely on to communicate with one another. This project, called HeadOn, attempts to solve that problem.

The video below is a pretty raw research clip, but it’s incredible to see the technology in action. The ‘source’ is a camera feed of a real person, while the ‘target’ in the bottom left is the model being animated.

The conversation about ethics in AI continues to escalate in complexity as technology like this becomes more readily available. Whilst the possibilities are pretty exciting for marketing and gaming applications, there are obvious questions around identity theft. The technology isn’t perfect yet, and artefacts are still visible at HD resolutions.

More technical details are available in the white paper here: