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HTC announce wireless adapter for Vive VR system

HTC have announced a new adapter that many VR enthusiasts have been requesting for a long time: wireless connectivity.

The Vive VR headset, which is considered by most to be one of the best in market, can now offer untethered immersive experiences. The innovation solves a lot of problems around set design and multiplayer VR, opening up opportunities for brands to activate without as much technical infrastructural overhead.

“Since the first demos of Vive, we’ve known that to deliver on the best of premium VR, we wanted it to be wireless. But we learned that delivering a great wireless experience takes time and really smart partners. We’ve brought the engineering expertise together to deliver a truly first of its kind wireless VR experience. Thanks to Intel and DisplayLink for helping to make this vision a reality.”

Daniel O’Brien, GM Americas, HTC Vive

Although TPCast released a similar adapter in 2016, HTC is hoping to outperform TPCast in terms of latency and simplicity.

Pre-order starts Sept. 5.