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Converse Mobile Portrait Studio

Personalised Converse paste-ups

Our Fitzroy HQ is located just over the road from the Converse outlet on Smith St, so it’s a pretty familiar brand for us. When we spotted this ‘mobile portrait studio’ activating in NYC and LA, we were hopeful we’d get the chance to see our own faces wheatpasted down the alleyways of Fitzroy. Maybe one day!

Housed in the back of a van with Photoshop and a large-format printer, the Converse Mobile Portrait Studio offered to take your photo against a white backdrop, Converse-ify it in black and white, and then paste it up in purchased street advertising locations. It could probably be streamlined a little better, with some backend smarts and a speedy little bespoke application, but there’s something synergetic about the raw, authentic execution and the famous Converse brand.

Check out the video below