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Audi's e-tron escape room

Audi’s e-tron escape room

Audi have built an interactive ‘escape room’ to showcase their latest in-car technology, while at the same time capitalising on the escape room trend to create some PR. The scenario puts you on a mission to find a missing doctor, presumed to have disappeared in part because of the nature of his research. It’s this plot that allows Audi to introduce their cutting-edge technology, featured in two hybried-electric vehicles in their range (A3 and Q7).

Aesthetically, it’s a well-executed derivative of Tron mixed with Blade Runner 2049 in a video-game format, highlighting Audi’s in-car tech with robotic arms, holograms, interactive projection mapping, mechanical facilities, and a bunch of challenges.

“For almost an hour, the participants travel into the future, where they will have to use their logic to solve the different puzzles and work their way through a number of test drives, all with cutting-edge technology, which will be the only way of beating the challenge and being able to ‘escape.’ We think this is a fun way for the public to get to know the future of electric cars. A future which will become a reality next year with the Audi e-tron quattro, which will be equipped with cutting-edge,  100% electrically-powered technology, assuring driving distances of more than 500 kilometres. With the launching of this model in 2018, we will become one of the leading electrically-powered brands.”

– Caíta Montserrat (via LBB)

The e-tron room was rolled out in Madrid and Barcelona, with guests booking online for free in advance.

Speaking of Blade Runner, have you seen the Johnnie Walker collaborative bottle they released? Pretty cool.