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Edding Wall Of Fame

Edding Wall Of Fame

A throwback for today. The Edding Wall Of Fame was an online tool that celebrated illustrators and the Edding markers behind them. In short, it was a huge, collaborative digital canvas with some really clever smarts built in. By featuring international artistic influencers like DAIM on the canvas, it gained a bit of a cult following.

The canvas would continue to expand as it was filled, but would only expand if every piece of the current canvas had been used. This approach covered the canvas in artwork, and helped users make the most of the space they had. A lot of detail went into replicating the look and feel of black Edding markers on white paper, and aesthetically the output is reminiscent of NYC graffiti blackbooks from the 70s and 80s. This attention to detail allowed Edding to communicate their brand without slamming their logo everywhere, which was an important sensitivity that shows an understanding of the culture and community they were appealing to.

Each line individually drawn was saved and recorded to the backend. Having this data stored and available opened up opportunities to moderate explicit content, as well as redraw the entire wall from scratch in real time (for example, on an LED billboard).