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Campari’s NFC magnets connect your fridge to the liquor store

Campari America have partnered with Thinfilm to offer NYC-area customers a quick an easy way to effectively turn their refrigerators into a poor-man’s IoT device.

By rigging branded fridge magnets with NFC-receiver technology, the innovation opens up the opportunity for customers to order the popular Campari liqueur, as well as other alcoholic beverages on the company’s list such as SKYY Vodka and Wild Tourkey Bourbon, by tapping their NFC-enabled smart phones against the magnet. This action will open up a products page on the user’s phone, allowing them to add a product to their cart via a third-party solution, and have it delivered by a local retailer.

Campari NFC magnet
Campari’s NFC magnet enables easy delivery to the home

Campari have currently distributed the magnets for six of their brands to NYC liquor stores. As a familiar, tried-and-true promotional tactic, the old fridge-magnet advertisement has always been a way to remind customers about a brand. By embedding the concept with NFC and a backing it up with Cloud-based e-commerce platform, it’s possible to create an end-to-end brand experience that starts at promotion, and ends 30 seconds later at the checkout.

Espolon tequila NFC magnet by Campari
Espolon tequila NFC magnet by Campari

NFC (near-field communication) is being used all the time at the consumer-level, and it’s proven itself to be an extremely flexible technology capable of connecting almost any two types of products.

In this instance, shortening the path-to-purchase for loyal customers goes a long way in staying top of mind, so we’re currently exploring and tinkering with technologies here that could offer Australian consumers the same (or better) experience.

Campari NFC magnets