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Smart beer coasters report high campaign engagement

Recently, we shared an example of Campari using NFC technology embedded into fridge magnets to drive delivery purchases from the home. But they weren’t the first to do it.

Blues of Oskar Blues

Oskar Blues is a craft brewery from Colorado selling their product in cans. They found bars and pubs to be a particularly difficult environment for them to compete in, given most people opted for something on tap — or otherwise, they’d opt for a more familiar drink from the fridge.

The old and the new

Like Campari and their fridge magnets, Oskar Blues decided to tap into an age-old promotional tool capture the punters’ attention. In this case, it’s beer coasters. By embedding the coasters with NFC technology and promoting it via the creative on the coaster itself, they were able to gather 66% of their campaign’s entire traffic from the coasters.

The outcome

Tapping the coaster with an NFC-enabled smartphone would fire up a behind-the-scenes video on the user’s device.

The result was a 450% increase in dwell time on their website, with 60% of those same users returning back to the site a second time.


As we’ve mentioned before, NFC is a very flexible technology: Oskar Blues are using it here to engage wary customers at the point of sale, while Campari have been using it to reward loyal customers with the ability to order from the comfort of their own home.