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Pizza Hut’s “Pie Tops II” order your pizza and pause your TV

Pizza Hut are releasing a new version of their pizza-ordering sneakers.

The Pie Top II’s are Bluetooth-enabled and use geolocating tools to order pizza direct to your home, all via a special button embedded onto the tongue of the shoe. The shoes are synced with the Pizza Hut app, so pressing the button on the tongue of the right shoe triggers a process to confirm the pizza order and delivery address. Upon delivery, the system can also potentially pause your DVR via a button on the tongue of the left shoe, so you can run to the door without missing any of your favourite show.

Designed by The Shoe Surgeon, a renowned LA-based custom shoe maker, the shoes feature an ‘extreme marinara splash’, a ‘cheese grater mesh’ and an alternate ‘wheat’ colourway.

While Pizza Hut have been pushing for a big time NFL sponsorship in the wake of the Super Bowl, the more immediate sporting event is the NCAA’s college Division 1 basketball tournament, March Madness, and that’s why it’s the Pie Top II basketball shoe’s time to shine. 50 of the shoes are being sold exclusively via (‘Globally Curated Fashion’), and a further 50 are being given away on social media.

The video below from HypeBeast shows how last year’s version of the shoes worked:

The Pie Top II’s come in Wheat (below) and red.

Pizza Hut Pie Tops II Pizza Hut Pie Tops II Pizza Hut Pie Tops II Pizza Hut Pie Tops II

Design-wise, they kind of remind us of the Patrick Ewing Orion hi-tops:

Patrick Ewing Orions