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CheetosVision AI/AR sees Cheetos in everything

At the most recent SXSW, PepsiCo Frito-Lay’s flagship brand Cheetos launched an app that turns any photo or video into a Cheetos covered composition.


The app utilises a form of artificial intelligence to reinterpret the data from an image, generating and arranging Cheetos shapes into the frame to create a likeness.



Rachel Ferdinando, Vice-President Of Marketing at Cheetos explained how it fits into the overall marketing plan for the product:

For the past two years, we’ve created a program asking people what they see in their Cheetos. That resulted in people searching bags of Cheetos where they saw—much like seeing shapes in clouds, cats, lovebirds, manatees and more. The Cheetos Vision app flips this on its head a bit and now, instead of seeing things in your Cheetos, consumers can see everything in Cheetos.

— Rachel Ferdinando, Vice-President Of Marketing for Cheetos


A microsite for the app can be found here: