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Crocs’ Snapchat Lens was a hit

Apparently silly works best when it comes to Snapchat marketing. Taco Bell’s oft-cited Snapchat lens, which turned the users head into a taco, or McDonald’s own Big Mac version of the same idea, both use the channels eccentricities in their favour, as an opportunity to let their hair down and have a bit of fun with their customers.

In much the same way, the legendarily unfashionable Crocs shoe brand have managed to access some highly image-conscious users in the bluntest way possible: by putting Crocs on their heads.

The Lens racked up 4 million uses in its first 10 days.


The Lens also played an audio clip over the top with lyrics such as, ‘Just get comfortable in your own shoes.’

This activity forms part of their larger Come As You Are strategy with ambassador Drew Barrymore (amongst others). Their other social activity is also worth taking a look at via the links below:

Screenshot from Crocs website
Screenshot from Crocs website