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National Geographic’s Genius: Studio

The NatGeo exhibition that hands you skills of Picasso

To promote the latest instalment in their anthology series, Genius: Picasso, National Geographic’s Genius: Studio exhibition featured massive touch screen canvases and ‘live-action filters’.

The touch screen canvases armed users with a digital version of Picasso’s own toolkit, allowing them to create modern art masterpieces inspired by the great artist himself. The ‘Touch Of A Genius‘ feature jumped in if they needed a little assistance, giving people’s artworks a few random additions that might improve the quality of their composition.

The ‘Live-Action Filters’ were walk-in booths that represented Picasso’s Red and Blue periods. Guests were invited into the booths, and using lighting, colour and texture, their photos were made to look like paintings.

The installation was featured at 100 Avenue Of The Americas in New York.