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Tourism site geotags and sorts beaches by their natural colour palettes

The Dominican Republic is home to over 200 beautiful beaches, but the three most popular beaches continue to pull the vast majority of tourism dollars. This problem was preventing development in other areas of the country.

To promote less popular, but equally as stunning destinations, Sweet Memories Travel Agency developed a catalogue of beaches classified by their real sand and water colours. While some beaches might feature white sand and green waters, others have darker red sands and blue waters.

The site features swatches of high-definition photography, and each with the geolocation of the beach and instructions on how to get there. The site generated over 100k visits on the first day, and 2 million since then. Travel bookings increased by 50% compared to the year before, and a massive 90% of those bookings were made to the alternate beaches showcased in the catalogue.

Check out the site here: