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HADO: Multiplayer AR dodgeball in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan. A competitive, live-action multiplayer AR sport called HADO Dodgeball is rapidly gaining popularity.

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The game consists of two teams of two to three players each, and the gameplay is essentially the same as dodgeball. Each player wears an HMD (Head-Mounted Display), which is effectively a VR headset powered by a mobile device. The device shows the player a camera feed of the room around him, but with augmented reality energy balls flying slowly towards him.


Players have the option to spend 6 points prior to gameplay, which can be split between four different skill-sets: bullet speed, bullet scale, charge speed and shield strength.

Each player can cast energy balls towards their opponent by moving their right hand quickly in a downward motion. Doing the same motion with your left hand will create a ‘shield’ in front of you, protecting you from damage. A wearable device affixed to the players wrist detects these movements.

The gameplay arena is split into two rectangle halves, and team members need to remain in their half for the duration of the game. The energy balls deduct ‘life’ from players if struck, and eventually teams start to lose players who have been struck too many times.

Spectators watch the game via a separate screen, which merges camera angles with the augmented reality effects.

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