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Target Beauty Studio trials AR cosmetics via their online store

Target are trialling an augmented reality integration with their online store, allowing shoppers to virtually try on cosmetics using their webcam.

Target, who are the second largest discount store retailer in the United States behind Walmart, are calling the platform Target Beauty Studio and is integrated directly into their online store. When browsing items, a button below the product image invites users to, ‘See how it looks on you’.

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Target’s experience uses real-time facial mapping technology via a leading third-party provider, and will also install makeover stations with digital screens in 10 select stores, with a vision to expand that offering further.


Check it out here:


Click on a product first to navigate to its page, and then hit the button underneath the product image. Users can upload a photo or use their webcam as a live feed, which will take a moment to load.

More info is available from Target’s press release.