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Stance host ‘first web-based self-checkout’

Stance, the popular sock retail, have announced that their brick-and-mortar stores will now let shoppers shop in-store, but checkout online. While self-checkout isn’t exactly new, the standard has typically required users to download an app or use in-store checkout kiosks.

This time, shoppers are able to scan the products bar code using their smartphones web browser (such as Chrome, or Safari, etc). The website will request permission to use the shopper’s phone camera, enabling them to capture an image of the barcode, checkout using Apple Pay, Google Pay or a credit card account, and then show the receipt when leaving the store.

A dynamic, shifting colour bar is shown on the receipt page alongside a timestamp to verify that the on-screen content is not a screenshot, making it more difficult for shoplifters to steal product from the store. Stance are also requesting their shoppers use white plastic bags as opposed to the black ones they normally hand out.




— Images via Stance.