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Corruption Detector: using facial recognition to identify infamously corrupt politicians

Politics in Brazil is rife with corruption, but with some 40,000 candidates running for office in 2018, much of it is swept under the rug, and forgotten by the some 150million Brazilians eligible to vote.

Recent legislative change has opened up corruption records to the public, leading many Brazilians to think twice about where they place their vote. A new app, which rose to #1 on the App store, uses facial recognition technology to identify corrupt politicians on TV, in the news, in person, or wherever else they make public appearances. The app recognises the politician’s face, crosschecks it with a database of public corruption records, and highlights corrupt faces in purple.

“The more they show their faces, the more vulnerable they will be.”

The app generated over 400,000 organic downloads in the first week, and was launched by an organisation called Reclame Aqui which is a public site to collect consumer complaints.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, politicians have not been so quick to embrace the initiative.