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An AI-driven aquarium — where you’re inside the bowl

The Midway Gallery in San Francisco is showcasing an AI-driven, audiovisual interactive art installation. The item is a permanent installation and features over two hours of original music composition from Subsquare, a Norwegian electronic musician.

Aquarium is an underwater-themed interactive simulation supported by a full physics engine and artificial intelligence. The application changes with user interaction, creating digital sculptures inspired by ‘beauty of evolution, with the alien-like examples of mesmerizing lionfish, fauna/flora merging of seadragon and the hypnotyzing powers of cuttlefish.’



The main concept is a reverse aquarium metaphor. Showing you the view from a pet fish perspective, how it feels when a huge alien creature tries to communicate and play with you.

The audio composition was sliced into small pieces, each of which can be seamlessly rearranged in realtime based on the actions of the audience.


Creator Marpi put it, “Being a part of the music concert of the future, everyone can collaborate and create their own audio-visual show or watch others perform.”