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ASICS Blackout Track: sensory deprivation for sport science

To launch the Gel Kayano 25 range, ASICS have developed a unique, experimental testing ground. The ASICS Blackout Track invites ASICS athletes and brand ambassadors from around the world to run the course in near total darkness, attempting to focus and synchronise the mind and body.

Having stripped away all bells and whistles, a monochrome aesthetic paired with a minimalist graphic style set the mood. On entry to the course, light walls, spotlights and a haze guided guests to a dedicated product room with ‘multifaceted holographic meshes and low-poly animation sequences’. Guests were then scanned using an x-ray machine to make sure they didn’t enter with any distractions on their person, before running out onto the course.

A spotlight followed the runner as they made their way around the course, allowing an audience to watch despite being in almost total darkness.

Additionally, a live stream and thermal camera feed were also routed to the viewing gallery.

— via UNIT9