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Sonic Playground uses interactive sound sculptures to explore ‘audible play’

The High Museum Of Art in Atlanta has recently commissioned a series of colourful sculptures as part of an outdoor sound installation. Yuri Suzuki, a sound artist, designer and electronic musician, designed the installations to explore the notion of ‘audible play’, which encourages participants to move in, through and around the installations to transform the sounds they hear.

The horns and pipes let ‘specially computed acoustics travel from one to the other in a playful way’. Participants who kneel down alongside a horn, and sit between two pipes hear sounds from different parts of the sculptures.

In designing and developing the software and aural experience, Yuri Suzuki used a parametric design plugin called Grasshopper with Rhinocerous, a 3D modelling program. This effectively drew the sound waves to the screen, allowing him to visualise the trajectory of sound.