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Lunar gravity and VR meet in Samsung’s moon landing experience

To promote the release of the VR-ready Galaxy S9 smartphone, Samsung have built a immersive moon landing experience, complete with a low-gravity rig inspired by NASA’s own training tools.

The project reminds us that only 12 male astronauts have ever walked on the moon’s surface, so the brand’s A Moon For All Mankind project opens that opportunity up to everyone.

The lunar gravity rig, developed in collaboration with the team at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, determines each participant’s weight when they enter the experience. The amount of lift provided by the rig is determined in real time, allowing the participant to move as though they were really on the moon, and weighing just one sixth of their real weight.

Participants experience a complete space mission, included a briefing and information on how astronauts navigate the moon once they’re on it.

A CG VR environment provided highly detailed and highly accurate 360° visual experience.

“At Samsung, we are driven to push the boundaries of innovation and inspire consumers to do what they can’t. We are proud to bring to consumers the combination of our powerful mobile VR headset and our innovative work with NASA to launch this lunar experience and bring the sensation of walking on the Moon to life.”

All content was rendered in realtime on the Samsung Galaxy S9 handset inside the untethered Gear VR headset. For the New Yorkers amongst us, you can schedule a visit online:

This isn’t Samsung’s first time merging space travel and technology. Their augmented reality spacesuit project delivered a unique experience to British schoolchildren, while National Geographic ‘Space Projection Helmets’ experimented with a fresh take on VR.