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itradedmyface — Swap your face for an artist’s impression

Face Trade is an vending machine installation and online website by Matthias Dörfelt that offers free, unique, computer-generated, artistic portraits of it’s participants.

The only catch? It saves a photo of your face to a copy of the Ethereum blockchain — permanently.

Matthias wanted to create a ‘playful tension’ in illustration what biometric information people are willing to volunteer in return for something ‘free’. Artistically, he wanted also to create a sense of ambiguity about facial expressions generated. It’s not clear whether they are “happy, sad, deceiving or possibly trying to lure the visitors in.” Colours used similarly reflect popular perceptions around blockchain: silk road, greed, gold rush, etc.

The Face Trade installation comprises a bunch of technology and printers to capture the user’s image, submit it to the blockchain, and print a receipt back to the user as verification. 

Wanna give it a go? Trade your biometric data here: