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Life-Fi: Keeping newcomers to Australia between the flags

Surf Life Saving Queensland are launching a clever initiative aimed at keeping migrants and tourists safe on Australian beaches.

Australian beaches typically feature two flags on the sand, indicating which areas of the beach are safe to enjoy. These areas are watched diligently by surf lifesavers.

Based on the insight that 80% of rescues take place outside the flags, as well as the fact that migrants and tourists account for one third of all deaths on Australia beaches, Surf Life Saving Queensland looked for ways to get the message through across language and cultural barriers.

The answer came in the form of WiFi. A special unit was built that offered free WiFi to beach goers — but only within the flags. Given the sky-high price of international data roaming fees, travellers are always on the lookout for free WiFi, so the campaign directly targets those people that are most at risk on Australian beaches.

The service offers unlimited free WiFi between the flags, and cleverly can also send surf condition updates directly to the user via the network.

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