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Candy Crush: the largest architecturally projection-mapped game - Candy Crush Friends Saga launched recently with a massive activation in New York. Participants played via a large touch screen, and the game was then projected in real time onto a building in New York. The activation qualifies as the… Read More
GMUNK’s drone-and-dancer powered short film - Peak 2017/18 colours feature in this beautifully choreographed and technologically innovative short film, set to a backdrop from electronic music duo Bicep. Read More
Nordstrom illustrates your portrait - To promote Nordstrom's customer loyalty program The Nordy Club, the luxury department store has launched an web-based photobooth that captures your photo, and then draws a unique single-line animated portrait reminiscent of Picasso's line drawings. Users can capture a photo… Read More
adidas Originals AR treasure hunt unlocks exclusive kicks - Sneakerheads must be getting familiar with AR by now. ComplexCon, or 'The Cultural Superbowl' as the youth media network bills it, has recently been host to an adidas Originals activation that makes exclusive shoe designs more readily available to the… Read More
Life-Fi: Keeping newcomers to Australia between the flags - Surf Life Saving Queensland are launching a clever initiative aimed at keeping migrants and tourists safe on Australian beaches. Australian beaches typically feature two flags on the sand, indicating which areas of the beach are safe to enjoy. These areas… Read More
The Internet Remembers: DrinkWise AR campaign - DrinkWise have launched an interactive campaign ahead of the holiday season that places AR-ready statue bases at popular nightlife venues around the city of Melbourne. A series of statues tell the stories of unsophisticated drinking moments, such as "Anna's Xmas… Read More
Nickelodeon’s AR app connects with live TV - Earlier this year, Nickelodeon developed an augmented reality application that uses on-screen elements from live TV to trigger augmented reality experiences. The app features mini games and AR effects that augment the on-screen content, as well as showcasing creative ideas… Read More
Walmart’s Toy Lab interactive video site - To promote their toy offerings ahead of the Christmas season, Walmart have launched an interactive site that lets kids digitally 'play' with 20 top-rated toys, create a short video of their favourite toys, and then share as a not-so-subtle hint.… Read More
A bone-rattling interactive campaign for road safety - This innovative campaign to promote road safety in Quebec takes the concept of surprise-and-delight and mixes it with a bit of morbid shock therapy. The bus shelter features a body-tracking device and LED screen, inviting passersby to dance and pose… Read More
Berlin hosts Red Bull’s 33ft sequencing machine - Red Bull Music Academy celebrates 20 years with heavy duty music sequencer Read More